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Wayfarer Chronicles
By Bill E. Branscum   ©2000-2003

Although we've had the "Wayfarer Chronicles" button on the home page for years now, for 2003, we are finally going to make it a live link.

I suppose that "wayfarer" might not be the best possible word for this since a wayfarer is generally expected to travel on foot, but I like the sound of it, so I'll have to ask that you bear with me on the point.

The children and I are adventurous souls and we like to see a little of what life has to offer. Most people have things all around them that they either don't know about, or perhaps never bothered to explore. Children take such delight in that sort of thing, and it's a shame that people don't pack up the kids once in a while and do more of it.

The Rubicon
By Bill E. Branscum - ©2003

The Yellow Submarine
By Bill E. Branscum - ©2003

The Blue Hole
By Bill E. Branscum - ©2003

Macho Mamasita
By Bill E. Branscum - ©2003

Aubrey Goff's Thanksgiving
By Bill E. Branscum - ©2003

Surf's Up, Dude
By Bill E. Branscum - ©2003

SubmaRubicon Video
By Bill E. Branscum - ©2003

Jeepers Creepers
By Bill E. Branscum - ©2003

Ocala Jeeptoberfest - Pics
By Bill E. Branscum - ©2003

Ocala/Interlachen Trip - Pics
By Bill E. Branscum - ©2003

Bad Luck on Memorial Day Weekend; Day One
By Bill E. Branscum - ©2004

Bad Luck on Memorial Day Weekend; Day Two (Coming Soon)
By Bill E. Branscum - ©2004

Bad Luck on Memorial Day Weekend; Day Three (Coming Soon)
By Bill E. Branscum - ©2004

Are We There Yet??? - Two Weeks in the Jeeps:
By Bill E. Branscum - ©2004

A boat, or a Jeep, can expand your capabilities a lot, but we have been all over the place in a Suburban we weren't afraid to bang up a bit. The fact is, I have to smile at that - that old truck was one of the most reliable machines on the planet and we sure got our money's worth from it.

The Jeep is better though!

One of our favorite places is right on a paved road in Naples, and you can drive to within 10 feet of where we are fishing.

The water is clean and clear and there's a well maintained little park about 75 yards away. We almost never see anyone there. Call your local parks and recreation dept. and ask for a map of local parks.




One of the funniest things I ever saw was Megan trying to pull a bass up out of the water. I'm not sure why, but it seems to be harder to lift something on the end of a flexible pole than it would otherwise be. She could get the bass (which she can obviously lift) to the water's edge but couldn't lift it out. While I was laughing, she jumped in and got it saying "I'm gonna eat dis one.".

It's an exceptional bass pond but it's a place to catch and release. I admit that there have been days when it was hard to do, but we try and remember that we wouldn't be having those days but for the fact that other people have caught and released them. Megan did eat hers though.

You may not have a Jeep or a boat, and maybe you don't even have a reliable car, but you can do something adventurous, and almost anything out of the ordinary makes for prime adventure in the mind of a child.

If you're like me, just budget the time - the rest will take care of itself.



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