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Dear Mr. Suggs
By Megan E. Branscum   ©2004

Dear Mr. Suggs,

We'uns would be a thankin you for your very nice note. Since you'ns raised Wes, Matt and Caitlin yo'self, I reckon that you'ns kin understand a lot of my Dad's life.

In your note, you'ns said that you give Caitlin a Spyderco Endura when she wuz ten. That's a very nice present, I have one myself.

I think my Daddy was worried that I might need it before I was ten.

My Grandaddy has been worried too. He likes my knife. He says that they don't jam, nor ever run out of amunition, but it ain't smart to take a knife to a gunfight. This thing is loud and kicks sunthin fierce, but my Grandaddy says that won't matter; he knows a lot about a lot of things.

My Granny doesn't approve of such things. She sets store by the Book and Family Tradition. She says that knives are for heatherens, and pistols is best left to Wyatt Earp types who ken actually hit something with 'em.

Granny says guns is fer killin folks and killin folks ain't generally lady like, but if'n killin is what you'ns is called upon to do, a practical person oughta know dat it ain't wise to let 'em get close enough to shoot 'em with a pistol.

Our Granny has had presents for all of us.

Mostly, Granny says I oughta jes take nat'ral advantage of my advantages and leave all thet fightin and killin stuff 'n nonsense to my boys. Since ever'body knows that my Daddy is powerful fond a me, and Daddy ain't exactly known fer his sense a humor when it comes to us kids, Granny say long as there's one single pair a pliers left in this world, she figures tain't nuthin much for me ta be frettin over.

I heard tell Daddy once got plumb irregular with a pair a pliers.





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