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Parents Without Partners
Parents Without Partners is an international, non-profit, educational organization that provides single parents and their children with an opportunity for enhancing personal growth by offering an environment for support, friendship and the exchange of parenting techniques.

Soft Split
An educational web site intended to provide an informed, balanced and comprehensive understanding of divorce, and the personal, financial and lifestyle impact of the process. To remove the mystery, confusion and isolation of divorce and to enable individuals to make knowledgeable choices.

Divorce Source
Divorce Source is on-line divorce support group that caters to people facing divorce (or related issues) who desire pertinent information and want to share questions, find answers and learn from other's experiences.

Divorce Wizard
Divorce Wizards - an online resource for those involved in, or contemplating, a divorce.

Divorce Magazine
The Divorce Magazine home page.


Custody For Fathers
A book by Carleen Brennan and Michael Brennan, Attorneys at Law. This is a married couple who operate a law office that represents fathers in custody cases. They have 24 years experience in Family Law cases.

Vicki Lansky's
Divorce Book for Parents
Paperback - 240 pages 3rd edition (March 1996) ISBN: 0916773485

Mom's House, Dad's House
Paperback - 381 pages Revised edition (November 1997) Fireside; ISBN: 0684830787

The (Almost) Painless Divorce
What Your Lawyer Won't Tell You

by Jenny Garden
Paperback (September 1996) Evanston Pub; ISBN: 1879260395

Crazy Time
Surviving Divorce and Building a New Life

by Abigail Trafford
Paperback - 304 pages Revised edition (January 1993) Harperperennial Library; ISBN: 0060923091

The Good Divorce
Keeping Your Family Together When Your Marriage Comes Apart

by Constance Ahrons
Paperback - 320 pages Reprint edition (June 1995) Harpercollins; ISBN: 0060926341

Winning Your Divorce
A Man's Survival Guide
by Timothy J. Horgan
Paperback Reprint edition (February 1995) Plume; ISBN: 0452273730

Second Chances
Men, Women, and Children a Decade After Divorce

by Judith S. Wallerstein, Sandra Blakeslee
Paperback Revised edition (August 1996) Houghton Mifflin Co (Pap); ISBN: 0395735335

Good Men
A Practical Handbook for Divorced Dads

by Jack Feuer ASIN: 0380783983

Be a Great Divorced Dad
by Kenneth N., Dr. Condrell
Paperback - 160 pages (January 1998) St. Martin's Press; ISBN: 0312155492

A Family Divided
A Divorced Father's Struggle With the Child Custody Industry

by Robert Mendelson
Hardcover - 535 pages (July 1997) Prometheus Books; ISBN: 1573921513


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